We have been operating continuously since 2011

Over time, we have formed an experienced and trusted team. We started with packaging and sales of pure coconut oil. This, obviously, developed into cosmetics based on natural oils. Currently, we are able to create virtually any cosmetic on request.

Our employees are constantly improving their skills. We have gained theoretical knowledge at Polish universities and scientific institutions. Training and courses allow our team to always be up to date. We have gained practical knowledge – the most important kind of knowledge when it comes to creating cosmetics – over the years of working with our customers. We have a modern production line and a fully equipped laboratory.

p>We have a modern production line and a fully equipped laboratory.

Our priority is to create only top quality cosmetics. When we go to a beauty supply store, we see the products we worked on and we take them in our hands with pride. We never compromise on quality. We hate film that comes loose, plastic that is unpleasant to the touch, mediocre quality print, fragile packaging and, even, the unpleasant sound of a closing flip-top. Bad smell of cream, improper consistency or inadequate emulsification are unthinkable too. We have a group of proven subcontractors and suppliers. All this adds up to effective cooperation, satisfaction of our customers and, simply, good cosmetics.


President of the Management Board at Oilmedica Sp. z o.o.