Examples of cosmetics we created:

Revitalizing Face Cream

A moisturizing and conditioning face cream. Contains Centella asiatica stem cells, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. A cream based on organic ingredients only.

Ultra-light cream for all skin types.

  • Jar: 50ml

Anti-aging Eye Serum

A relaxing and moisturizing eye serum. Based on a composition of oils from opuntia seeds and sweet almonds, as well as shea butter. The serum contains extracts from green coffee, guarana seeds and acai fruit.

A caffeinated serum that nourishes, elasticizes, and stimulates the skin around the eyes.

  • Dropper bottle: 20ml

Tired Legs & Feet GEL

A soothing and refreshing gel for legs and feet. Nutrients include aloe vera, urea, chestnut extract and menthol.

A quickly absorbed, rich-in-important-ingredients gel that brings immediate relief and restores comfort.

  • Tube:150ml