You bring us...

... no idea for a cosmetic. All the know-how on our part
  • ... you have a business base, you want to create a cosmetic product under your own brand or a product line, but you don’t know where to start? Start with contacting us. We will tailor the range of services to your needs. We can take care of every step of the way, from a jointly developed idea for a cosmetic, to complete preparation of the product and putting it on store shelves. If you need, we will also develop a marketing strategy for you.
... an idea and knowledge about the cosmetic you need
  • If you are in the industry and you know what you need, come to us. If necessary, we will advise you, propose new packaging designs, a new or improved formulation. We will design the graphics and test the finished product. idea, knowledge and other elements necessary to create the product
  • If you have the various elements needed to create your product, but you need professionals who will bring them all together, adding what is necessary, contact us.
... any other case
  • You have a finished product and only need testing? Everything ready and you only need packaging? Your project lacks professional graphic design? You need a product other than strictly a cosmetic? Your company could use a reliable consulting service? Our experience, personal connections and funding arrangements allow us to offer you a very wide range of services and professional consultancy.