Our portfolio boasts a great number of completed cosmetics projects

We create hundreds of private label products but, due to non-disclosure obligations, we can present only our own:

Day cream

The Oilmedica day cream is a product that deeply nourishes and regenerates the complexion. Thanks to the prebiotics that it contains, the cream provides conditions ideal for the good bacterial flora, which acts as a natural protective barrier for the skin. The product reduces the reddening and imperfections of the skin. It brings comfort and vitality.

Jar: 50ml

Night cream

The Oilmedica night cream is a concentrated product that will ensure the elasticity and proper tautness of facial skin. The cream reduces wrinkles, and deeply moisturizes the skin thanks to the almond, coconut, and avocado oils. Hyaluronic acid and algae are some of its key ingredients too.

Jar: 50ml

Micellar gel

The Oilmedica micellar gel is a product used for both washing and care. Its delicate ingredients thoroughly remove make-up, cleansing the skin while regulating the pH. After washing, the skin remains moisturized, regenerated, and ready for further care. The product is conveniently dispensed by means of a pump.

Bottle with pump: 150ml

Body butter

The Oilmedica body butter is a product with a rich, thick consistency that holds a concentrated portion of nutrients – so needed by tired skin. Extracts of turmeric, algae, the selection of oils, and D-panthenol are just what your skin needs.

Jar: 50ml

Body Lotion

The Oilmedica body lotion is the first aid for dry and care-requiring skin of the whole body. D-panthenol deeply moisturizes, while the complex of oils retains moisture inside the skin. The lotion is conveniently dispensed by means of a pump.

Bottle with pump: 320ml

Hair oil

The Oilmedica hair oil is a product unique on the market, whose excellent formulation has not changed in years. It contains over 88% of coconut oil, which is supplemented by extracts of Centella asiatica, rosemary, emblic, and oat. The oil should be heated in a water bath, and a small amount of the warm product should be applied on hair. Millions of women all over the world have become very fond of this method of care.

Bottle with a cap: 125ml

Hair conditioner

The Oilmedica hair conditioner contains a number of ingredients that regenerate hair and care for the scalp. Thanks to arginine and the extract of willow, the hair is more manageable, doesn’t pick up static, and falls out less, while the skin secretes less sebum. The conditioner gives hair a healthy, long-lasting sheen.

Bottle with flip-top: 250ml