Our complete know-how is at your disposal

Want to start your own brand of cosmetics or expand your existing offer?

The cosmetics market is huge and still developing. Oilmedica creates cosmetics that stand out from those of the competition. If you’re the manager of a new cosmetics project at your company, or if you’re looking for a better and more reliable manufacturer, we are here for you.

We keep you fully informed and answer all your questions at every stage of your product’s creation

You’ll receive the first samples from us in as little as 2 weeks

We’ll improve the formulation to take into account all your remarks

We’ll take care of selecting the packaging and, if you need us to, also care of graphic designs

We’ll test your new cosmetic, subject it to studies under medical supervision, and prepare a Safety Report

We’ll manufacture and package your cosmetic to the highest standard


You can choose a ready-made formulation

In our database, we have hundreds of already created formulations. Tell us exactly what you need and it may turn out that your product is already waiting for you.


You can create your custom formulation with the help of our specialists

Individual approach is what we like the most. Your requirements may be more or less specific. In any case, we’ll suggest the right raw materials and put together a formulation that is modern and effective.

6 steps to creating a custom cosmetic formula


Assessment of needs

Before we start work, we’ll talk about your idea. What function is your product intended to have? What marketing claims does it need to fulfill? What scent, color, consistency is it to have? What market will it be aimed at?


Selection of ingredients

Each specific product will be assigned a suitable formulation supervising technologist. He or she will propose a range of active ingredients for your approval.


Formulation and development

We start work on your formulation and first samples, while also looking for appropriate packaging for the product.


Adaptation of your formula

You receive samples from us that we improve as many times as you need. Do the color, scent, consistency, or utility values need improving? No problem.


Regulations on cosmetics

Last but not least, we make sure that the product meets all the legal requirements of the target market. We inform you about any tests and studies that need to be carried out.


Industrial scale

Your new product is now ready for manufacture. We take responsibility for its every step, to produce a cosmetic that is microbiologically pure and top quality.

What can we do for you?


If you have an idea, we will translate it into a mixture of the best raw materials


If your product needs new packaging, new graphics, or modern materials – we’ve got your back


We will take your cosmetic through all the stages of testing and certification so that you can begin distribution in EU markets

More than 10 years of experience
in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics

We’ll turn your idea into a product